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Discord & Discord Membership

Joining our Discord gives you the player additional benefits in game.From additional kits to extra daily teleport options available. As its too many items to list here please see in game for a complete list of additional benefits

How to get Discord Membership

Join our Server. Read and accept our Rules by reacting in the channel. This will give you access to additional channels.

Once you have accepted the rules additional channels will open up for you. These channels include announcements and chat channels. You can follow additional Rust channels by reacting in the ๐Ÿ”Š-rust-roles channel.

These channels are optional and can be removed by reacting to the above

Once you are setup and ready to go you can now do /discord in game

The system will issue you a 8 digit code that you will need to write down. Once you have the code now Direct Message our Discord Bot Meatball Manager

PM your code as follows

m!auth yourcodehere

You will be asked which you want to authenticate on (React accordingly)

Once done you will now get roles in game and in Discord.

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