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The angels of the community. As we are not a pay to win community we feel the items you get doesn't give players a big advantage.

Players purchase the packages via our website using paypal. Players will need to purchase credits first before purchasing any packages from our Store.

All VIP kits give players some fun features to include in their game play 1)

VIP are help us cover the costs of running the community. Running high end servers and hosting websites etc does not come cheap.

Some examples of what we give to our community.

Scrap heli into a small base MeatBall VIP Discord Channels & Voice Channels
VIP Tag MeatBall Gamerz Development Server
Teleport directly to your corpse VIP can instantly repair their bases
VIP have full Health, Thirst and Hunger


2) 3) 4)

1) , 3)
Packages may differ
Subject to change
Packages can be removed without warning
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